Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The hymn behind the name

"Just One Step at a Time"
John W. Peterson

The future veiled before us lies,
The path is hidden from our eyes,
And Jesus leads, while faith he tries,
Just one step at a time.

The road He takes we need not know,
But follow in the steps that glow,
And trust in Him as on we go--
Just one step at a time.

We need not fear what lies ahead,
Nor anxious be nor filled with dread;
The saints before were safely led,
Just one step at a time.

Just one step at a time,
Just one step at a time;
That's the way He leads to glory,
Just one step at a time.

I struggled and racked my brain to find a name that I was satisfied with for this blog--for over a week. That may not sound like that long, but I had absolutely nothing. I wanted the name to define me, sort of define the blog, and be creative and cool at the same time. I couldn't think of anything. This afternoon, this song came to mind.

I am a 17 year old (as of May 17, 2008) who does not know what lies ahead or what God wants me to with my life. Every verse of this song--every wonderful, Biblical truth--defines me and where I am in life. After some complications finding a version of the name of this song that wasn't already taken...I came up with this: The One Step Times. The name defines me, defines the blog, and is cool at the same time (I hope you agree).

I hope my readers benefit from what they read here.


Sophie said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'm glad you found a name you liked - it's a good fit.

Looking forward to reading :-)

Roshan said...

Nice blog, Andrew! It's very encouraging to find other Christ-exalting blogs! :)

Keep up the great work... your writing is definitely a talent, by God's grace!

Andrew B. said...

Thanks! I really enjoy this.